Today, Costa Rica has become not only a prime destination for vacationers, but has become a destination location for those retiring or planning for retirement. Many people are today purchasing homes, condos or raw land for their enjoyment NOW or in the future.

Should you be one of those persons interested in purchasing real estate today; or only checking into the availability and prices of property, please let us know either by e-mail by clicking the link below or phone call to 1-800-250-5119; and we will be very happy to recommend real estate people to you in whateverarea you are interested.
That way you do not have to spend your time hunting around for an English speaking real estate sales agent; and you know we will be recommending to you an honest and reliable real estate agent.

We are pleased to offer SELECTED PROPERTIES for your consideration.

We have lived in Costa Rica for many many years and we know the real estate people that can make your looking or shopping that much easier.

I am interested in Real Estate in Costa Rica

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You can reach our San Jose, Costa Rica office from any of the following phone numbers:

Costa Rica: 011-506-2279-8927

Toll Free: 1-800-250-5119


FAX: 011-506-2279-2479 from Costa Rica and all other countries

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